Using the Word “NO” to Get to the Word “YES”

Using the Word “NO” to Get to the Word “YES”

I’ve always found it rather ironic that saying the simple two letter word “NO” can be one of the hardest things to do.   It can surface feelings of guilt, the fear of offending others, and the concern of missing out.  Not saying “no” leads to over-booked schedules and calendars filled with “things we should do”.

I recently interviewed Randy Freedman in an online session titled The Upside of Aging.  Randy shared that she made a conscious choice to say “no” to negative thinking about aging.  This mindset has helped her say “yes” to having the best aging experience possible.

How does saying “YES” impact one’s aging?

Throughout our lives, we observe people and society projecting negative, fear-provoking, and false messages about aging.  We experience this in conversations we have with others.  We see it in TV, movies, social media, and the news.  It impacts laws, policies, practices, and culture.  It is even showing up in our built environment through designs of buildings and shared spaces.

By the time we approach our older decades, we have accumulated many negative impressions of aging in our subconscious thinking.  When we believe these messages, we are at risk of losing the ability to do the very things we have always done.  These misconceptions weaken our motivation to do things to help us have the best aging experience possible.

In other words, if we believe we will maintain our abilities as we age, we are more likely to work at making it come true.

Focus on the Upside of Aging

In the interview with Randy, she shared that some things are easier, even better for her now than when she was younger.  To learn what they are and her tips for focusing on the upside of aging, watch the video below.

Then, use the insights to reflect on the messages you tell yourself about growing older.  To have the best quality of aging possible, we must say “no” to negativity and “yes” to embracing the wisdom, perspectives, and opportunities that come with aging.