No One Wants to Go on Vacation for Decades

No One Wants to Go on Vacation for Decades

Of course you will want to sleep in late, stay in your pajamas, and binge watch a television show during your retirement - you’ve earned it!  But no one wants to go on vacation for decades.

Okay, if you have money to jet set across the world for 52 weeks year after year, a permanent vacation is appealing.  However, that is not a reality for most of us.

And although the perks of retirement include time to “nest and rest,” retiring doesn’t mean you lose your expertise, life lessons, and brainpower when you walk out the door of your job.  Instead, it’s an invitation to refocus and explore what’s next.

Did you know that, on average, if you celebrate your 65th birthday, you will live another 18-20 years?  If you reach age 85, on average, you will live another 6-7 years.  That can lead to a lot of time on a couch mindlessly passing the days watching TV.

This is the reason Embracing Aging encourages you to live life with purpose, every day.

Having something that provides you meaning and intent improves your quality of aging because it takes the focus off of diminish and decline.  Instead, you explore and think about what’s possible.  Whether sharing an existing talent and expertise or learning a new one, you still have so much more to give and do as you age.

Alan Dubs discovered this.  Early in his retirement, he was presented with an opportunity to volunteer in the City of York schools.  As he considered this, he reflected on his own time in school and how he wished more adults encouraged and mentored him.  Now 1,000 volunteer hours later, Alan continues to inspire students with his “YES YOU CAN!” motto.

To hear Alan’s volunteering story, watch the video below. Then think about ways you can continue to have purpose in your retirement years.  Remember, your abilities to learn, create, and be productive do not disappear as you age.

Cathy Bollinger
Cathy Bollinger
Managing Director of Embracing Aging, York County Community Foundation

York County Community Foundation’s Embracing Aging improves how people experience aging by making people aware of ageism and its impact and helping organizations be more age friendly. Contact Cathy Bollinger, at or 717-848-3733 to learn more about our free resources to disrupt ageism and to join our movement to usher in a new age in York County.