10 Things to Love About Aging

10 Things to Love About Aging

Of course, things change as you age.  However, when you only view aging as impairment and decline, it damages your sense of self, diminishes your opportunities, and prevents you from valuing the wisdom older people bring to your community.

That’s why Embracing Aging began hosting a series of online interviews with older adults.  We want you to hear their stories about aging.  The guests share their insights, tips, ideas, humor, successes and concerns.   The interviews help debunk myths about aging, resulting in improved attitudes about growing older.

Here’s some of the things our guests have shared that they love about their later years.

1. Stronger sense of self

The peer pressure is gone.  They are not as concerned with what others think.  They are free to be who they want to be.

2. Wiser

The sum of their life lessons and perspectives gives them confidence.  They are not as afraid of making wrong decisions.

3. Less pressure

They used to think they had to do it all and be perfect.  Now, doing their best is enough.  Deadlines are gone.  They have kicked the “hurry up” habit.

4. Time to focus

They are intentional, especially in strengthening relationships with their family and friends. Having less distractions helps them concentrate.

5. Satisfy curiosity

Having time to learn, explore, and try new things is a plus.  They enjoy expanding their horizons.

6. Less guilt

They have learned to say “no.” Their schedules aren’t filled with things they feel they “should” do.  They like being able to be more spontaneous.  This especially includes doing, wearing, and eating what they want when they want.

7. More content

They have a deeper appreciation of blessings in their life.  They have an increased gratefulness for life’s pace.

8. Time to reflect

Quietness is good.  They like being in the moment, recalling memories and connecting the dots of their life journey.

9. Perks

They appreciate the discounts, deals, and offers extended to them because of their age.  When needed, they welcome assistance in opening doors or carrying items, as well as an offer of a seat.

10. Increased resiliency

Older adults are stronger than we think.  Adjusting to life’s changing moments is easier and better because they have learned to adapt and cope.

Our hope...

Our hope is the information shared inspires YOU to think more positively about YOUR own aging and older people as a group.  And in doing so, you will join us in our movement to disrupt negative thinking about aging.