"He's Over the Hill"
"She’s Having a Senior Moment"
"You Look Good for Your Age"
"Don’t Hire Her,
She’s Too Close to Retirement Age"
"I Need to Hide These Wrinkles"
"I’m Too Old for That"
"That Elderly Man Shouldn’t Be Driving"
"She’s Going Gray Already"
"The Silver Tsunami is Coming"
"I Dread Getting Old"

Ageism is the Only Tolerated
Form of Social Prejudice and
it WILL Impact You!

When you fear growing older, you actually risk dying earlier
Ageism is in words that project shame on growing older and in attitudes that marginalize older people and minimize their contributions.

Too often, we view aging as ONLY impairment, decline, and dependency. People’s individuality is replaced by negative stereotypes associated with “a number.” This damages our sense of self, diminishes our opportunities and prospects, segregates us from others in the community, and can even shorten lives.

Everyone deserves to live in a community that offers meaningful ways to contribute, regardless of our age. We deserve to thrive as we grow older.

It is time we challenge and examine our ageist language and thinking, which have gone unquestioned in our culture – until now.

There is a Movement in York County to
Reframe the Way We Think About Aging

Benefits of Improving Attitudes on Aging

We live, on average, 7.5 years longer

Our community and workplaces gain a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and energy
from being inclusive of the needs and wants of all ages

We create more opportunities for living a vibrant life as we each get older – including
better housing options, more effective healthcare, and a stronger sense of belonging

York County and its economy depend on our growing older population—people 55 and older contribute $1 billion to our economy.
We want people to grow older here!

How will YOU help STOP the unacceptable behavior of valuing youth over older people?
Aging is not an us versus them, it’s a we; we’ll never be younger than we are today, we’re all aging.

Be a Disrupter and Usher in a New Age in York County to make:

  • Our community better
  • The lives of our parents and those we care about better
  • Our older self-glad we played a part in creating an age-friendly York County

4 Ways YOU Can Join the Movement

Your TASK to make York County a great place for you - and others - to grow up and grow older!

  1. TAKE a short assessment to understand your age bias (click here to access assessment)
  2. ADOPT 3 strategies to combat ageism (click here for strategies)
  3. SHARE your aging experiences in York County (click here to share your story)
  4. KEEP informed, engaged and connected – sign up for Embracing Aging updates including the latest news, blogs, events and articles that challenge ageism and your thinking (click here to signup)
Are You a...
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    Wanting to improve your ROI by creating an age-equitable workplace?

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    Wanting to increase membership and create a more welcoming environment for all ages?

  • Club

    Wanting to challenge your membership to enhance the community?

Embracing Aging is Your Partner.

We can help YOU create places, programs, and cultures where all ages can thrive!
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